village Funding

As the school serves an extremely underprivileged community, Adharshila welcomes donations. Please do not hesistate to contact the school if you wish to donate money, materials such as textbooks, or your own energies.

Adarshila charges a tuition fee of forty rupees (less than a dollar) a month per child. Teachers make about $30 a month.


Fifth Year Report

This year we ran the show without any institutional funding though there was some left over from last years funding. About 75,000 rupees were raised through children’s fees. Grain worth Rs. 28,000 was given by the chilren’s parents. Rs. 42,000 were collected through sponsorships of children by friends. Arundhati Roy has given 1.5 lacs to Adharshila. We are thinking of using this amount to start our corpus fund.

The children’s drama team also raised about 25,000 rupees throughout the year.

Friends who helped:

Arundhati Roy
Indu and Manoj Mathur
Mrs. Aggarwal.
Rajiv Telang
Sameer Mone
Shachi and Umesh Atree
Urvashi and Mrs. Deepti Prasad
Rajesh and Tultul

Organisations who helped

Mrs. Savitri Bhatnagar through the RS Bhatnagar Trust, Delhi.
SRUTI, Delhi
Eklavya, Bhopal
Muskaan, Bhopal
Adivasi Mukti Sangathan, Sendhawa.
Sendhawa Public School.

Besides cash a lot of friends helped in kind:

About 60 Kg Chillies were collected from Nimad villages.

Ramesh Kanouje - 2000 bricks

Rameshwar Bhai and Joona Bai -2000 bricks

Friends in Sendhawa donated 15 cement bags.

Grains from villages in Pansemal block.

Fodder for cow and bullocks for ploughing from school students.

Concessions by shopkeepers of Sendhawa and jeep drivers of Chaatli.

People of Sakad village who constantly supply us with dung for the floor and other odds and ends.

Jagdish Bhai, Jayasingh Bhai and Anaar Singh Bhai who are always ready to lend their time and motorcycle for the school.


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