Visiting Adharshila

If you want to visit Adharshila to volunteer, to learn, or just to say hello, contact Amit and Jayashree.


Volunteers are greatly encouraged to share their knowledge and skills at Adharshila! The school is currently in great need of teachers. See the volunteer information below and do not hesitate to contact Jayashree and Amit for more details.


Language: Knowledge of Hindi is preferred, or at least English. People who interact with the children through activities canmanage without Hindi.

Accomodation: Seperate rooms are not available. Volunteers may sleep with the children in their dormitory and bring their own sleeping bags/mattresses. Cost of room and board is taken in the form of donations to Adhartshila.

Food: Volunteers are welcome to eat with the children. The school's cafeteria will provide a meal of roti (bread), dahl (lentils), and vegetables twice a day and porridge in between.


To give you an idea of the people who have visited and what they have done, here is a list of the past year's visitors:

1. Students from Manzil, an NGO in Delhi stayed with us for two days. They were given exposure to the life of tribals. They also interacted with the school children, though the time was too little.

2. Narmada Jeevan Shala’s children and teachers. They stayed here for a night. The children exchanged notes, sang songs and danced together.

3. Ashagram teams visit – A Doctor and social workers from Ashagram, an NGO in Badwani, spent half a day here. They talked with different groups of children. They are also running schools for tribal children.

4. Shilpa – an NRI* student from USA stayed with us for a week. She could barely understand what the children said and the children didn’t understand a word of what she said. But they were having fun. She taught them a song, yoga, and a few English classes – doing activities based on words. *NRI=Non Resident Indian
Shilpa's own reflections about her visit

5. Mr. And Mrs. Shrotri – the tehsildar of Sendhawa and his wife spent an evening with us.

6. Rakesh and Madhuri – friends working in the Pati block, Badwani district. They are also interested in opening a school in their area.

7. Ms Ujjwala Mazdekar brought students and Teachers from the Karve Institute of social science, Pune on a study tour. They were in the school for half a day.

8. Bijoy, Nikunj, Gajanand and other activists of Adivasi Mukti Sangathana.

9. Karuna, from NBA taught the children a lot of weaving knots

10. Shashank from Badwani who is doing part time teaching in the Jalsindhi Narmada Jeevan Shala comes here often to exchange notes.

11. A team of people working in PRAYAS, Rajasthan came to see the school and understand the philosophy of education being followed here.

12. Activists working in various organizations in Jharkhand and Maharashtra.


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