Story telling is a regular part of the younger classes. This year we started story telling in the assembly. Every day one child from each group told a story in the morning assembly.

Book making and documenting of local folk stories: children wrote and illustrated books on local folk stories. Almost the whole school read these books and also selected the best stories. About 25 books were made. We are looking for publishers. Let's see.


Knitting and Sewing were done but they were slightly low this year. Some children made mufflers and caps. Some children learnt crochet this time. Some children and a teacher are learning to sew.

Local History - The Brahmputra group children reconstructed the story of a school run by Gandhians in our village from 1926 - ? as part of the Freedom Struggle. They interviewed the oldies of the area.

A handwritten children’s magazine is being started by the children this year. The first issue was released on the 16th April, the death anniversary of Veer Khajiya Naik – who fought the British, in this area, during the first war of Independence in 1857.

Maybe next year we will start a regular magazine for larger circulation.

Creative writing

Two Story Writing Workshops and one Poetry Writing Workshop were held. The stories were read out and the children judged the best three stories of each group.


Group Discussions were held with the senior students who later wrote Essays on:
English language
Mahila purush Samaanta
The future of Agriculture
Children’s Village

Report Writing of various events that the children attended or places they visited.

Self Study – one of the main aims of Adharshila is to initiate self driven learning. The elder groups worked on this pattern. A lot of topics of study were decided by them. And they searched these topics in the library. They were given weekly assignments which they had to complete. Classes were taken for english, maths, sanskrit. Some scienc and social study classes and discussions were held.

In the end now there are at least two three cildren who are capable of making their own programmes and working according to their own schedules.

This is a very important aspect that we are trying to develop in elder children especially, for the last two years.

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