Naatak India Company

In the past year, Adharshila's young performers staged a play in the A.M.S. protest march against sale of liquor in Badwani, and staged a play in the Jan Sunvai on Health Services in Balwadi organised by AMS and CEHAT.

Over the years, the theater troupe has performed a number of other plays:

*In the Jungal Bachao Yaatra, organized by Adivaasi Mukti Sangathana, a play highlighting the importance of conservation of forests. The play was staged in four villages in the district.

*A team of about 15 children went to Bhopal and performed in about 7 public schools to raise funds for the school. They raised about Rs.20, 000. This could happen only due to the active support of Eklavya and Muskan, leading NGOs of Madhya Pradesh. In Bhopal the children also performed in a two day Jan Panchayat a programme attended by about 5000 people from all over Madhya Pradesh.

*The drama team also went to about 15 villages of our district to raise funds for the school and spread the word about Adharshila. They raised about 3.5 quintals of grain and Rs. 1200.

*Another major performance was in Sendhawa at the Adivasi Sanskritik Sammelan where we performed a play ‘Hum Kidhar Jaa Rahe Hain?’ in front of a 15-20,000 strong audience. The play was a hit. People gave donations amounting to around Rs. 2500.

*The Naatak India Company was invited by CEHAT to perform in their Swasthya Mela at the district headquarters in Badwani. The play was seen and appreciated by the people. The District Collector and State Health Minister, Shri Bala Bacchan also saw the play.