The extrodinary students of Adharshila continue taking initiative...

The students at Adharshila help keep the school running. The younger kids keep the classrooms and school grounds clean. The older kids maintain the library, handle electrical problems, run small shops and a school bank, and even treat their sick or injured classmates. Check out these amazing notes of details of chores they did a couple of years ago (this will be updated soon).

The Adharshila youth take care of the trees and grow food on their *organic* farm, planting and cultivating grains and rice, fruits and vegetables. outThe students take shifts to guard the greenery from the cattle that roam the village. They pump their own water and make dinner on Sundays when the cooks are on vacation.

The students are even starting to take over the teachers' jobs. Shikshan Mitras, or student teachers, are teaching the younger students.

The students have taken their energies outside the school as well. Some students have formed a theater troupe, which they named the Naatak India Company. These young performers write plays to portray the issues affecting their communities and the world. Last year, they performed a play on health issues, and a play on liquor poisoning. They have gone on tours to other towns to share their visions and raise money for the school. Check out the fifth year reports of the Naatak India Company. ("naatak" means "play")

The students continue to inspire and be inspired.

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