Majali Janu Jadiya has invented her own name after discussions on caste and patriarchy; Janu is her mother's given name, Jadiya her father's. She has dropped her last name/clan name altogether. A student at Adharshila since the very first day, she is not over 17. Due to chronic vitamin A deficiency in her infancy, has thick glasses-power 13. Majali is planning to give the 10th exam from the open school. She has also taken a health worker training and is the school doctor. She looks after the Yamuna group (ages 7-8). She is the most high powered of the lot and has taken up a lot of general responsibilities of the primary section.

Suresh Chota and Prakash passed the 8th exam last year. Out of the batch of 12 they were the only ones who were sure that they wanted to come back to Adharshila. Suresh’s father, a Karyakarta in the Adivasi Mukti Sangathan, is also committed to the philosophy of Adharshila. Suresh and Prakash looked after the Brahmputra group (4th class) and taught them general knowledge, English, and Hindi. Suresh also looked after the library and is interested in organic farming. Prakash has taken a training in screen printing and will help set up a screen printing workshop in Adharshila next year.

This picture was taken 4 years ago; Prakash is on the left, then Majali in the back, and the tallest is bada Suresh. Jamana and Rindu (middle and right) are also student teachers.

Kamal is also with us from the first year. His father is also convinced that Adharshila is the best launching pad for Kamal. He is the only one to stick here even for the 10th exam. He topped the district in the Astronomy Olympiad exam. He taught math to 7th and 8th classes.

Shakuntala came to Adharshila after failing 9th grade in another school. Her father is also a member of the sangathan and was keen to put her here. She managed the Kaveri group very well. She has a lot of potential to grow if… she doesn’t get married now…which most girls of her age do.

Other student teachers include:

Suresh, Dinesh, Deepak, Bhagiram
Majilal, Ramesh
Rindu, Jamana, Dileep Vijay, Anil, Pushpendra, Chetram, Shersingh

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