New school in Mardai

Mardai is a remote village in Palsud block of Badwani district. Phoolwanti, a 10th pass adivasi girl walks 7 kms. daily to teach 26 children in the Nai Chetana Shikshan Kendra – a learning centre running on the sole initiative of the villagers and guided by Adharshila.

The process was started last year. A team of villagers had spent a day in Adharshila with the teachers and children and decided to run their own school. Phoolwanti, selected by them for teaching, spent two months here for training. This year the school started. A village committee is looking after its management. This Shikshan Kendra runs on a shoestring budget of Rs. 10,000/ year – unbelievable but true of which about 4000 is collected locally. We had promised the Mardai people that if they are able to run the school successfully for one year we will help some extra money and material. We are looking for friends who can adopt this school. Any body for a helping hand?

Baal Samoohs

This year children’s groups were started in 10 places. Once a week, a team of children from Adharshila went to a village hamlet, under the leadership of a Shiksha Mitra. There, they collected the village children and played with them, told stories and sang songs. The purpose of these Baal Samoohs is to develop a forum for the village children where they can collect and have fun, talk and do some activities. Secondly, these Baal Samoohs give an opportunity to develop the leadership skills of the Shiksha Mitras.

Baal Samoohs were organised by the Shiksha Mitras under the guidance of Jayashree.

Baal Melas

Baal Melas were held in 4 villages: Sakad, Mardai, Merkhedi and Segi. About 600–800 children attended these Melas. Children played group games, saw/performed simple science experiments, sang, and drew. A hit item was the microscope. Even adults had great fun seeing there nails and lice under the microscope.

These Melas were conducted by the Shikshan Mitra Team.

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