Trees – trees were divided amongst the children. They looked after them. It is mainly due to their effort that the campus is looking green. Right now the teachers and some children are busy making fences for protecting the trees in summer. Nilesh has very painstakingly made big pits around the trees to collect water.

Electrical problems were taken care of by Sohan, Dharla, Anil and Jayaram.

Accounts – Anil and Jayaram helped in writing the accounts.

Library – Suresh took great pains to keep the library and office clean.

Soil and water conservation – Nilesh, Bansilal, Suresh and Chainsingh are doing the contour bunding of a micro watershed in our campus. The whole school made bunds in this watershed.

Children’s Bank – This year the bank was managed by Prakash.

Stationery Shop – was being run initially by Suklal and Suklal. Later it was transferred to Sonpat and Dayaram.

Office and Store – this was looked after by Suresh and Dharasingh.

Mess Store and lekha jokha – was looked after by Uttam – a teacher.

Cooking – done by Badri Bhai and Devaka Bahan.

Vegetable plot – the children worked on these plots under the guidance of Badri Bhai and Devaka Bahan.

Treating the sick – Majli, Suklal and Rindu look after the sick and even give them medicines. This year thy gave medicines to 53 patients.

Cleaning – Four children were on duty every day. They were responsible for cleaning the rooms. The Beej and Yamuna (two youngest) groups were responsible for collecting the littered paper. The treat for the job was burning the paper. They also helped in cooking.

Gobar paper Duty – two children did this duty. They had to clean the cow shed. And give feed and water to the cow. The treat was going to Chaatli to fetch the newspaper. They roamed around happily and came after two-three hours.

Khet Rakshak Duty – this duty is started in March because the village cattle is left loose and are attracted to our greenery. This can be very tiresome if done seriously. The treat here is that you get to bunk school.

Washing the hall – every Sunday one group washed the hall

Sunday cooking – every Sunday one group cooked rice and daal. The cooks were given a holiday.

Thanks to the children there is some order. But they are children after all so many times it’s just the reverse.


Students bathe under a tree to conserve water.