Special Events



Science Workshop

We have been after many people to come here to interact with the children. This year scientists from Vigyan Prasaar, New Delhi, came and held a two day workshop on science popularisation. Roughly 400 children and 60 teachers from about 20 schools participated in the workshop.

Theatre Workshop

A team of dramatists from TIE, India, Delhi - Theatre in Education, were with the children for about 10 days. They did a lot of exercises, skits and group activitis. The children had great fun. We hope to keep our association alive in future also.

Health Workshop

Two Health Workshops were organised. One in house and the other was held by Dr. Mone and Amoolya of CEHAT, Pune, based on the primer Swasthya Saathi.

Summer Trainings

Another major success is that this year two students have gone to stay in PRINCE, Dhule, Maharashtra, an NGO working in Alternative Energy. They are learning to make solar equipment.

A group of four children has been working on making watershed structures on the school farm in their free time. These children also opted to stay and take care of the campus during the holidays. These children have gone to two other organizations who have done watershed work in the villages.


Bilgaon micro hydel – 8 children
Alirajpur Dharna of oustees of the SSP – five children
Surrounding villages fund raising – 28 children and 2 teachers
Gender Workshop in Ajmer - Amit
SRUTI meeting in Mussouri - Amit
Kakrana school – 5 teachers
Bhopal – 20 children, Jayashree and 2 teachers
Dhule – 2 children and Jayashree.
Badwani – all the children and teachers.
Baal Oorja - The Annual Function

Like the last year the Annual Function was held on the last day of the school. An exhibition showing the children’s work was held. A three hour stage show was also held, in which each group gave a performance. It was attended by the parents and nearby villagers.

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